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I’m Brett Aaron Marlow.

I’m a writer, a creative, and an entrepreneur obsessed with all things skincare, music, and celebrity. I help people discover why they should be using retinols, sunscreens, and what nighttime moisturizer works for their skin type.  I also tell people who should be on their music and entertainment radars.

Currently, I act as grooming guru for men’s style site MNSWR.com. I help readers discover interesting and new products to work into their grooming regimens for maximized handsomeness. I also co-own the designer accessories brand Pine & Plastic where I handle all copywriting, branding, publicity, social media, and business management. We’re currently stocked at such retailers as Anthroplogie and Flight001.

Previously, I’ve ran social media and was senior editor for the women’s focused Boxx Magazine. Before that, I tapped top-rated dermatologists, make-up artist masters, and A-list celebrity aestheticians for beauty hacks and how-to’s, as well as reviewed high-quality beauty products for Beautylish. I’ve successfully led a team of inventory specialists for Groupon’s Getaways channel with Expedia. I’ve written fashion features for the Chicago Sun-Times News Group. My work has also appeared in ReUseIt.com, Mindful Metropolis, and Venus Zine. I hold a Bachelors of the Arts in Journalism from the renowned Columbia College Chicago, and a cosmetic ingredient dictionary in my backpack at all times.

I currently live in Los Angeles, where I’ll never see a flake of snow again (yasss!). I’m a Florida-born boy who has served his time in the wind and winters in Chicago for a decade. Though, I’ll always yearn for one more photo-booth strip at the famous Rainbo Club. I’ve been called a “laser-sharp” interviewer by Liz Phair and a “cutie-patootie” by Rosie O’Donnell.  When not working, you can find me with my cat, in the kitchen planning vegan meals, loving US Weekly’s “What’s In My Bag?” features, and reading celebrity memoirs.

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