I’ve been a fan of Boscia for some time now. The 100% botanical-based skin care line first grabbed my attention with its Luminizing Black Mask. I now use the mask twice a week (while looking like Arnold Schwarzenegger in Predator; I text selfies to friends urging them to try it). I love Boscia for many reasons—the use of natural ingredients, a preservative-free approach—but with their newest treatment, the Green Tea Oil Control Mask, they’ve really outdone themselves. It’s a great treatment for anyone with oily skin or the desire to look matte as can be—my own daily beauty goal.

If the skin on my face was able to drink 20 iced unsweetened green teas, it would be like this rejuvenating, oil-reducing product. It’s saturated and concocted with Japanese green tea, a great inflammation-fighting antioxidant. This key ingredient also reduces sebum (aka oil, ew!), fights bacteria, helps to reduce acne scars, and soothes after-sun skin. It also contains cucumber which shrinks pores, as well as silica powder and burdock root to help absorb greasiness. Mix that with jojoba leaf and willowherb, and you’ve got the dream force against wrinkles, fine lines, redness, and free-radical warriors that repair damaged skin.

It’s perfect after a long run, a hot-yoga class, or being out in the sun all day. After you smooth it on, you’ll feel your warm skin begin to cool. As it begins to harden, you’ll feel it working to clear and tighten pores, extract dirt, and eradicate oil. Then you just peel it off (the fun part) to reveal even, oil-free skin that’s matte, matte, matte! And the matte-ness and pore-minimizing effects last for days.

And note, I have combination skin. For me, the oiliness is on my T-zone, so I spot-treat those areas, using the mask only on my nose and forehead. It’s great for that!

October 28, 2013, Beautylish