You may not know her yet, but rest assured the name Madi Diaz will sound louder than ever when her debut Nettwerk Music Group release Phantom drops this fall.

Just let the infection chorus of the album’s lead single, “Stay Together” or the hauntingly seductive “The Other Side” guide you to that conclusion. Having toured with Rachael Yamagata, recorded with Liz Phair, released three earlier indie-folk albums and now, flown the nest from a comfortable songwriting nest in Nashville to LA, Diaz is using her end-of-relationship experience to take her fans and listeners on a new sonically different journey full of catchy choruses, lush chords and harmonious vocals, and yes …optimistic heartbreak.

I caught up with Diaz, (on her rooftop, no less) the day she finished recording Phantom to get to know more about the record and this burgeoning singer-songwriter.

Boxx Magazine, June 2015