If you’re looking for a luxurious moisturizer to ease the signs of dryness – especially as we transition from cooler spring to humid summer – this is it.

Lifeline Stem Cell Skin Care delivers one of the most satiny, silky fragrance-free moisturizers I’ve tried in its Night Moisture Serum that absorbs fast into skin without any unwanted greasiness or oily residue. Living up to its name, this serum is dependable and acts quick, leaving skin feeling refreshed and renewed. If you experience dry patches or have dull, damaged skin, this moisturizer will benefit you best.

Within days, visible skin tone improves, skin is less rough and dry patches are gone thanks to a well-formulated cocktail of not one bad or irritating ingredient for skin. We’re talking a stiff mix of top-shelf skin ingredients rated best by cosmetic chemists: moisture-locking emollients, fatty acids, numerous antioxidants to fight environmental damage, anti-irritants, as well as vitamins and skin-like, skin-repairing ingredients to rebuild and repair the skin’s moisture barrier. This one’s ingredient list reads like a champ from start to finish earning MVP status of your medicine cabinet. (Dermatologists often recommend this line of products for patients who have undergone laser or peel procedures for quicker recovery times, but everyday use will produce just as great results). While designated for nighttime use, you can easily use in the a.m. under a sunscreen as well.

However, this moisturizer, and any that tout the benefits of stem cells, comes with one caveat; stem-cell technology claims in skincare and grooming products isn’t there yet. Stem cells are chameleons in their original organism – whether that is plant or animal – as they’re capable of becoming any other cell and producing more of that cell. While that would be great to have on damaged skin, to repair, the cells would need to be living and be fed, acceding to science and numerous studies. Lifeline’s technology is fascinating in that they source the stem cells from non-embryonic human stem cells, which seems to be a first in skincare. But without further research, the implied healing and repairing properties of the stem-cell ingredients is null.

Coming in at $190 for 1 oz., as well, this one is spendy, but still makes our list of top moisturizers. If you’re need of quick recovery, this one is for you.

June 12, 2015, MNSWR.com