Our favorite skin guru is back with advanced body care line that’s SO luxurious

It’s time to buff it out, boys. That bachelor pad of yours just became a daily body shop thanks to Mila Moursi’s new at-home Advanced Care Body line, bound to accentuate that sculpted smoothness from head to toe.

Moursi is known as a fierce facialist force. Her skincare line, available at Barney’s of New York, and namesake Beverly Hills skin institute is highly favored and touted by Hollywood’s most handsome stars such as newlywed and HBO The Leftovers star, Justin Theroux and other Hollywood elite (Get Moursi’s simple 4-step, A-lister skincare regimen now).

Her philosophy of “skin care does not stop with the face” is one men should not ignore. The new body care collection takes every precaution in advocating this preventative care, rounded out with moisturizing body lotions, creams and dead-skin banishing brushes, your skin is on its way to polishing out any scuffs, dryness or leathery looks.

503961838_1_tabletop 503961728_1_tabletopWe particularly love the standout Revitalizing and Beautifying Oil ($140, MilaMoursi.com), a quick-drying, after-shower body oil loaded with emollient and moisturizing coconut and almond oils. omega-fatty acids that repair damaged skin and help protect against further moisture loss, as well as the soothing antioxidant vitamin E. Keep your eyes on the Shower Gel ($35), too. This body cleanser will leave you smelling so luxe, you won’t even reach for the eau de parfum. Stock up. We did.

August 14, 2015, MNSWR.com