In golf, there’s your go-to guy there to offer advice in play and strategy. In skincare, consider me your grooming guru here at, willing to be the Guinea pig to countless products to shield you from a lackluster lather, as well as offer less of a handicap when it comes to keeping the scaly feel on the grip of your golf glove and not your skin. If you’re doing the work to maintain a healthfully toned body, why polish it off with products that could leave you looking tarnished?

Don’t settle for the bronze and go for the gold with my top 5 shower product picks that deserve to be on a pedestal. With daily use of these products, your hair and skin are guaranteed to come in first place:

bioderma1 Bioderma Sensibo Cleansing Milk ($41): Take a lesson from this French pharmacy staple; this wildly popular Parisian pick (also sold under Bioderma’s Crealine moniker) does it like no other cleanser and has quickly become a favorite of those in the industry. Even those with the most sensitive skin need not worry. This gentle creamy cleanser rinses the dirt and dust of the daunting day away, leaving skin soothed and unscathed thanks to its well-formulated anti-redness ingredients. It proves a must in winter when sensitivity heightens with even the slightest change in one’s regimen and works pre- or post-shave and even better with a wet washcloth.

Jason 2 JASON Fragrance Free Body Wash ($8.97): Leave the Irish Spring and waters of Fiji for actual vacations and not for overly fragrant shower gels. These ones often leave you reeking and feeling artificially clean under your rain-head shower. Plus, overtime they dry you out and irritate skin. Instead, this skin-soothing formula works up a husky hydrating lather to soften skin thanks to non-fragrant chamomile and aloe extracts, which lock moisture in and won’t dry you out. You won’t miss the “manly” marketed smells either when you feel what a good body wash should and can do.

neutrogena3 Neutrogena Triple Repair Shampoo ($6.99): You may not think of Neutrogena as a player to watch in hair care, but this rookie-of-the-year, bargain-priced bottle is the ultimate drugstore find. This creamy, fortifying and repairing shampoo proves to be a true hair hero. A little squeeze of it goes a long way and leaves hair softer, stronger and shinier. Great find even if you do choose to cover those grays, as it won’t strip color. We’re not asking, but here’s another reason you’re not showing … or telling. Score!

yesto4 Yes To Coconuts Ultra Moisture Conditioner ($7.99): This conditioner is no joke: it works to repair damaged hair and is also especially a savior to anyone with dry, think or coarse hair. Say hello to repair and hydration thanks to a great mix of avocado, argan and coconut oils that moisturize dry, those locks s for a softer, smoother look and polished feel. Best parts: it’s affordable and just as good as any “salon quality” product. It doesn’t leave hair overly greasy or heavy – just you joshing for a piña-colada – which, I think is better than smelling like your senior year of high school? Ahem, other manly so-called shampoos.

Print5 Kiss My Face Fragrance Free Liquid Roll-On Rock ($5.99): Ever felt your deodorant burn after rubbing it on? Oh, you’re familiar? Oh, that and maybe finding white chalk-like marks on dark clothes after you’ve left the house? Ditch the disaster and minimize your risk of burn, sweat and smell at once with this truly transparent roll-on mineral crystal that seriously keeps sweat at bay without pit stains or you smelling like your gramps. Let him live up to the name of Old Spice, my dear young spice.


March 13, 2015,